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RTP(Registered Testing Pool)

KADA establishes the Registered Testing Pool(RTP) and collects the whereabouts information based on article 2.4. of the CODE, section 4. and Annex I of the International Standards of Inspection and Investigations in order to conduct the effective Out-of-Competition Testing.

Registered Testing Pool(RTP) Selection Criteria

  • Athletes with International-level or National-level
  • KADA Risk Assessment of Doping
  • Athletes coming back from retirement/period of ineligibility that KADA wishes to include in the RTP
  • Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) and intelligence
  • Other athletes to be included in Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

KADA Registered Testing Pool (RTP) 2020

Athletes who have been notified by KADA and have been included in RTP should be responsible to submit the whereabouts information unless they were removed from KADA’s RTP. Athletes who have gotten the notice from the IFs are also responsible of submitting the whereabouts information unless they were removed from the IFs RTP.

RTP Registered Testing Pool

  • International Federation Testing Pools

    Athletes in the Testing Pools of International Federations

  • RTP for the national level by Korea Anti-Doping Agency

    Competitors included

    Athletes in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) of KADA

Athletes are included in Testing Pools of either the International Federations of KADA.

2020 Registered Testing Pool (RTP) of KADA Download PDF 2020 Registered Testing Pool (RTP) of KADA Download

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Retired Athletes Returning to Competition

  • If an Athlete in the KADA Registered Testing Pool (RTP) wishes to retire from the sport, the athlete should submit a "Retirement Statement" to KADA. Once KADA receives it, the athlete will be removed from the KADA RTP.
  • If a retired athlete wishes to return to active participation in the sport, the athlete shall submit a “Return-from-Retirement Statement” to KADA at least six months in advance and comply requirements of Article 5.7 of World Anti-Doping Code (the Code) and Korea Anti-Doping Code (KADC).

World Anti-Doping Code Article 5.7 (Retired Athletes Returning to Competition)

  • Article 5.7.1

    Athletes should inform the same National Anti-Doping Agency as they submitted a retirement statement in writing. (If requested) athletes might not be able to participate in the international or national competition until making them available for testing by giving six months prior written notice in accordance with all Whereabouts requirements in the International Standard for Testing and Investigations Annex I. WADA, in consultation with the relevant International Federation and National Anti-Doping Organization, may grant an exemption to the six-month written notice rule where the strict application of that rule would be unfair to an Athletes. This decision may be appealed under Article 13.

    Any competitive results obtained in violation of Article 5.7.1 shall be Disqualified.

  • Article 5.7.2

    If an Athlete retires from sport while subject to a period of Ineligibility and then wishes to return to active competition in sport, the Athlete shall not compete in International Events or National Events until the Athlete has made himself or herself available for Testing by giving six months prior written notice (or notice equivalent to the period of Ineligibility remaining as of the date the Athlete retired, if that period was longer than six months) to his or her International Federation and National Anti-Doping Organization.

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