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What is Whereabouts?

Whereabouts Policy is to know the place where the athlete to be located for out-of-competition testing. Athletes are subject to testing and they are required to submit the whereabouts information quarterly (3 months) and provide their whereabouts updates to KADA if it is changed.

How does an athlete know if they must submit Whereabouts Information?

In accordance with the International Standards for Testing and Investigations(ISTI), athletes notified by KADA of inclusion in RTP are required to submit the whereabouts information until they remove from the KADA RTP. Athletes included in the International Federation(IF) RTP also have responsibilities to submit the whereabouts information until they remove from the IF RTP. Only athletes included in the RTP are responsible for Whereabouts Filing, but any athlete may be subject to out-of-competition testing.

What information should be included with a Whereabouts submission to KADA?

  • Daily overnight accommodation
  • Training location and time
  • Competition schedule
  • Regular activities location and time
  • 60-minute time slot (RTP only) : one 60-minute time slot between 05:00 and 23

What are the Whereabouts deadlines?

Location information submission deadline
Quarter Deadline for submission
Quarter 1 Quarter 1: 12. 15.
Quarter 2 Quarter 2: 3. 15.
Quarter 3 Quarter 3: 6. 15.
Quarter 4 Quarter 4: 9. 15.

Competitors of the International Federation of Competitions (IF) Registered Testing Pool (RTP) must comply with the location information submission deadline specified by IF.

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