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Step 1: Check if a TUE is needed

Check before applying

Check before applying. It consist of in-competition, out of competition and explanation.
In-Competition Out of Competition Explanation
Not Prohibited Not Prohibited A TUE is not required.
Prohibited Not Prohibited Athletes should be careful not to use prohibited substances because it will be considered as an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) if that substance was detected during the competition period.
Prohibited Prohibited A TUE is required to use this substance at all times.
Conditional Conditional Please check the information from the search result.

Step 2: Find out about your medical conditions

  • S9. Glucocorticoid's adrenal cortex hormone preparations are prohibited only through oral, left-handed, intravenous and muscle injections. Please check if this is a prohibited route using the prohibited drug search service.
  • S9. Representative drugs of glucocorticoids include Dexamethasone and Triamcinolone.

Decision Resources Group. It consist of Where to submit TUE application and example.
Where to submit TUE application Example

National-Level Athlete
National(Winter)Sports Festival, National(Winter)Para Games, National Junior Sports Festival and other sports events

National Professional League and all Athletes who participate in the league

International Federation (IF)

International-Level Athlete
World Championship etc.

Athletes registered in the IF Testing Pool(RTP)

Major Organizations (MEO)

The major sports events hosted by MEO
Olympic, Paralympic, Asian Game, Asian Para Games

Korea Sports Promotion Foundation

Professional Cyclist
Professional Motorboat Racer

  • TUE approved by KADA is applicable to national-level competitions and national professional sports leagues (The organization to submit the TUE application may differ depending on the host organizations.)
  • As the authority to make a decision is different from each sport event, athletes must check which organization they belong to, and submit their TUE to the right organization.

Apply for a TUE

Online Application

Applying (TUE: Therapeutic Use Exemptions)


Either athletes can apply themselves or Athlete’s personnel (parents or coaches) can apply on behalf of them.

Fill out the form

All the form should be filled out in English.

Final confirmation and signature

Agree to provide personal information, and signature after confirming the application.

Final submission with the attachment

Required document: a medical certificate and various medical records to prove the athlete’s medical condition.

Check the result

The procedures of the TUE application usually takes 7 business days until the athlete is informed of the result. (it may take longer if the demand is high or additional document is required.)

Other Submissions

You can submit the application by fax or email below.

  • Fax : 02-2045-9898
  • E-mail : tue@kada-ad.or.kr

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