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Korea Anti-Doping Committee

Role of the Committee

  • Appointment and dismissal of committee members
  • Matters concerning dissolution of a corporation;
  • Matters concerning changes in the articles of association
  • Matters concerning the borrowing of funds and the incorporation, modification, and disposal of basic assets
  • Matters concerning business plan and budget
  • Matters concerning related to business performance and settlement
  • Matters concerning the establishment and revision of important regulations;
  • Matters requiring the resolution of the Committee by relevant laws and articles

Committee members

Committee members
Category Name Main Career
Chairman LEE Young-Hee
  • President of KADA
  • Member of WADA TUEExpert group
  • Chief Medical Officer of Pyeongchang 2018
Vice-chairman KIM MyungJae
  • Lawyer, Law firm JEONGSE
Secretary general KIM Kum-pyoung
  • Chair, World Anti-Doping Agency NADO EAG
  • Secretary General of KADA
Committee member Rhie Sandy(LEE Jeong Yeon)
  • Professor, Pharmacy, EWHA Womans University
  • Head of Phamacy Service for Pyeongchang 2018
Committee member JEON Youngji
  • Deputy Director, SPORTS CHOSUN press company
Committee member KIM YeonSoo
  • Professor, Sports Medicine, Seoul National University
Committee member LEE WonJae
  • Professor, Sports Management, KOOKMIN University
Committee member SONG Yoonseong
  • Director General for Sports Cooperation, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism(MCST)
Committee member YOON Sungwook
  • Secretary General, Korea Sports & Olympic Committee(KSOC)
Committee member YANG Chungyeon
  • Secretary General, Korea Paralympic Committee(KPC)
Auditor YUM Kyuok
  • Executive Director, DOONE Accounting Corporation

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