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Prohibited Substances and Methods

When a customer visits in person

We will install an interphone in front of the office, post information about the person in charge and work, and put the name of the person on the office desk so that customers can easily meet with the person in charge. When greeting a customer, he or she will first reveal his or her affiliation and name, and respond with kindness. If a representative is absent, the staff will be contacted as soon as possible. In this case, we will take care not to wait more than 5 minutes for the customer, Inevitably, if the person in charge is not able to handle the work, the employee who meets the customer or another employee will take care of the work immediately. (After the customer service is over, we will show you off outside the office.) If you are not feeling well, please contact (02-2045-9826) for assistance.

When a customer calls

When we answer a customer's phone call, we'll listen to them and explain them accurately and easily with a polite, soft voice "Thank you. This is OOO OO in the OOOO department." If you have any questions, the person who answers the phone will respond in person. If you need to connect a call to another employee, we will provide you with a direct phone number where you can be contacted and briefly communicate your call so that you do not repeat the same. If a representative is absent, we will deliver a note to call the customer as soon as possible. We will respond immediately when inquiring by phone, and we will respond by phone or e-mail within 24 hours if immediate response is difficult. At the end of the call, we will check if the question has been resolved, and after the customer hangs up, we will hang up the handset.

If you request a consultation online

In order to promptly deal with customer's inquiries or requests, we will always receive any complaints or inquiries through the "Voice of Customer" on our website. Please provide your feedback and we will respond promptly within the deadline below. If it is difficult to process within the deadline due to unavoidable reasons, we will inform you of the reason for the delay and the expected processing period. In order to faithfully respond to customer feedback, we will disclose the department, name and contact details of the processing staff.

Due date for online consultation
Division Due date
Voice of the customer (simple query) Within 24 hours
Electronic Complaints Within three days
Legal complaint Within the time limit prescribed by law
Absurdity Report Center Anytime

If customer provides feedback in writing (mail, fax)

We will officially submit any comments submitted in writing and request immediate response to the appropriate department. If it is difficult to confirm the facts in writing, we will clearly review the facts through customer inquiries or the confirmation of relevant agencies and departments. We will review your feedback and notify you of the result within 7 days after receipt.

When visiting a customer

We will make clear the purpose of the visit and make an appointment by calling in advance. We will prepare before the visit to ensure that the purpose and content of the visit are clearly and concise. We will act in accordance with the visiting regulations and will not interfere with the business of the visiting company.

Customer Engagement and Feedback.

To satisfy the customer's right to know and to ensure confidentiality

  • We will introduce the latest information on KADA service in detail through the internet homepage so that customers can use it easily.
  • We will faithfully operate the information disclosure system to guarantee our customers' right to know and to ensure transparency.
    • - We will open the main business status of our organization on our homepage so that customers can always access it.
    • - The information disclosure requested by the customers will be processed promptly within the time limit.
  • In order to protect the personal information of customers, we will comply with the Public Service Privacy Act.
    • - Personal information will not be leaked to the outside, and will be kept in a designated place and method in compliance with the law.
    • - We will keep confidential about what you submit to us.

Customer Participation and Feedback

If there are any problems, unkindness, dissatisfaction, or anything that needs to be corrected or improved, please give us your opinion and we will fully reflect it in our management activities. (We will give a small amount of compensation through the screening of adopted customer opinions.) Unkindness, dissatisfaction, and the need for improvement in customer service will be continuously improved through our own continuous inspection.

Where to send customer feedback
Where to send customer feedback
Internet https://www.kada.or.kr
Phone 02-2045-9800
Fax 02-2045-9898
Post (05398) 8th floor, 143-64, Gangdong-daero, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of KOREA

Corrective and Compensation Measures for Wrong Service

In the event of uncomfortable or emotional response from customers during visits or phone calls, we will conduct special training for the employees so that the same case does not occur again. If a customer points out an unfriendly employee or complains about unfaithful work, we will apologize politely and correct the problem immediately. Unkindness, dissatisfaction of customers, and parts to be corrected and improved will be steadily improved through continuous inspection.

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