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Rights for Disabled athletes & underage player

Rights for disabled athletes

Under the World Anti-Doping Code, a disabled athlete has the right to request adjustments to the doping test procedure.

Adjustment of the procedure for visual impairment competitors

  • Sample provision and documentation must be accompanied by an athlete's representative.
  • The athlete's representative may become the second witness in the sampling process upon the request of the competitor.
  • The Doping Control Form should be read aloud to the Athlete.
  • Documents can be prepared by the athlete's agent on behalf of the athlete at the request of the athlete and signed with the athlete.
  • Competitors may be assisted by their representative for sample sharing if necessary, and by a doping inspector if requested.
  • In the case of an out-of-competition examination, if the competitor arrives at the designated location and no one is in contact with him, the doping inspector may not enter the private property.

Coordination of procedures for athletes with physical or sensorial impairment

  • If a competitor has approval and approval from a doping inspector, he or she may be assisted by a competitor's representative or a sampling agent during the sampling process.
  • Depending on the characteristics of the disabled athlete, a sampling container larger than the standard sampling container can be used. Players who use their own catheter can use their own catheter. If a competitor fails to sign, the competitor's representative can sign it.

Coordination of Procedures for Intellectual Impairment Athletes

  • Must have an Athlete's Representative and follow the same procedures as a prosecutor for a minor athlete.

Underage player rights

Underage competitors have the right to request adjustments to their doping test procedures as specified in the World Anti-Doping Protocol.

  • Sample provision and documentation must be accompanied by an athlete's representative.
  • Underage athletes can use their rights to be with adults in the Doping Room.
  • Doping Examiner (DCO) or Shapron is not allowed to be alone with a minor.
  • The competitor's representative must be able to observe the doping inspector during the specimen supply. For an out-of-competition examination, a doping inspector may not enter a home where a competitor is alone until another adult is accompanied.

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