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Established date

  • - November 13, 2006 (Article 32, Korea Civil Law)
  • - Established on June 22, 2007 (Article 35 of the National Sports Promotion Act)

Basis and purpose of establishment

Article 35 of the National Sports Promotion Act

① The Korea Anti-Doping Agency (hereinafter referred to as the KADA) is established with the approval of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism in order to carry out the following business and activities related to doping.

The purpose of establishment

  • Education, promotion, information gathering and research for anti-doping prevention
  • Establishment and execution of a doping test plan
  • Management of doping test results and sanctions on the results
  • Domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation for the prevention of doping
  • Establishing and implementing criteria to permit the use of exceptions and methods for therapeutic purposes
  • Other business and activities necessary for anti-doping prevention

The Form of Establishment and the Government Office in charge

Form of Establishment
Foundation, Legal corporation
Government Office in charge
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

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