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Anti-Doping Regulations are the foundation of the Anti-Doping Program.
Athletes, Athlete Support Personnel and other Persons are obliged to know and comply with the Anti-Doping Regulations.
KADA conducts anti-doping activities based on the World Anti-Doping Rules and collects personal information of athletes
and samples (urine and blood) in order to satisfy the essential requirements of the World Anti-Doping Regulations.
The World Anti-Doping Program consists of one code and five International Standards.

World Anti-Doping Code PDF The World Anti-Doping Code (WADC) is the basic protocol of the World Anti-Doping Programme on Sports and is the basis for documentation of common anti-doping activities.

Korea Anti-Doping Code PDF The Korean Anti-Doping code is one of the key elements in the competition, like the Competition Rules. Competitors, support personnel and other officials must accept this Korea Anti-Doping Code as a condition for participation in the competition. This principle applies to KADA, Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, Korea Paralympic Committee and its affiliated sports organizations and registered athletes.

Professional Sports Anti-Doping Code PDF


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